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有没有买彩票的app:ICBC Credit Suisse Fang Fang: The new generation of huge consumer market space

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内容摘要: In 2018, A shares usher in a good start. Under the wave of rising consumption, the long-term investment opportunities of the relevant theme...

In 2018, A shares usher in a good start. Under the wave of rising consumption, the long-term investment opportunities of the relevant theme sectors have drawn much attention. Among them, as the Cenozoic groups have gradually become the main force in the market, the relevant industries targeting the group are brewing new ventures. Aim at this investment opportunity, ICBC Credit Suisse preemptively put out the first theme fund focused on the consumption of the new generation on the market - ICBC Credit Suisse Consumer Configurable New Generation Mixed Fund . The Fund intends to fund manager Yuan Fang said that from a global perspective, the current overall valuation of consumer segments is still at a reasonable level, the domestic cost of leading leading consumer better than the international counterparts. The new generation of consumer market space is huge, will bring a lot of investment opportunities.

New Generation Consumer Investment Opportunities Many

As the performance growth is stable, the consumer sector has become the cradle of Niu shares. According to the analysis by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Boston Consulting Group, it is predicted that by 2021, the consumer market in China will expand by nearly half to 6.1 trillion U.S. dollars, and the industry has ample room for growth. In the process, the consumption of new generation is gradually receiving attention. GF Securities Research shows that a new generation of 18-35-year-old consumer groups are the focus of future businesses. Compared with their fathers, they were born in a time of abundant material conditions and the demand for commodities is more varied. Ali quality consumer index report also shows that "the end of 80 and 90" has become a new force of quality consumption.

"The market space driven by the new generation of consumption is undoubtedly huge, reflected in the structural upgrading of traditional consumption areas and the emergence of emerging consumption areas." Yuan Fang believes that there are many investment opportunities in the consumption of new generation, and the distribution areas are very large wide, including food and beverage, catering and tourism, medicine, education, sports, home appliances, light industry, retail trade, textiles and clothing , animal husbandry and fishery, automotive and chemical industries covered by the new energy vehicles, delivery logistics , Finance, media, communications, electronics, the Internet, computers, shared services, shared economy and many other industries.

In this context, ICBC Credit Suisse acutely seize the market opportunity to preemptive layout. It is reported that the new generation of consumer mix of ICBC focused on the selection of high-quality consumer companies associated with the new generation of listed companies to invest. According funds issue Bulletin, January 18 to February 14, investors can ICBC Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of , , , Shenwan Hong source Securities, Everbright Securities , TX Irving Such as sales agencies or ICBC Credit Suisse official website and other direct sales channels to subscribe.

Valuation of Consumer Sector Still Reasonable

Has the risk of the consumer sector been accumulated after the sharp rise in 2017? In this regard, Yuan Fang analysis, consumer consumer stocks in 2017 rose, Davis double-click (valuation and performance double rise) process. "At this point of time, although the overall consumer segment's valuation level has risen year-on-year, it is still at a reasonable level on a global basis. If we further consider the performance growth of domestic consumption leaders, we think the price / performance ratio is still better than international peers." Yuan Fang said, "risk prevention, for some companies to enhance the valuation is indeed quite large, we will be more demanding on its fundamentals, the market will be expected to track more closely to prevent the expected high, the fundamentals are not As expected. "7 Outlook outlook style, Yuan Fang believes that A-share market differentiation will not be as extreme as in 2017, the valuation of leading stocks in 2017 to enhance the more obvious valuation has also been restored to near reasonable levels. With the clearance of long-term market competition and the progress of supply-side reform, the trend of industry consolidation and concentration will be stronger and the stronger ones will continue. Based on this logic, the future will be more emphasis on the pattern of competition in the industry, corporate ROE (return on net assets) deserves attention.

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